Your first log-in should follow from an email sent to the account that you have chosen for communicating with UTSA. You may either start with the randomly assigned password in this email or click on "Lost Password." If there is a problem, your student ID is the last 8 digits of your Banner ID (no "@"). Example: 00123456.


You will receive a 0.5 credit bonus for taking the pretest before Saturday, September 24. You will receive another 0.5 credit bonus for participating in a study by Satuday, OCT 22. Finally, on the Saturday that precedes the last 2 weeks of regularly scheduled classes, you will receive 1 hour bonus if you have either (a) completed 2 participation hours without missing any session for which you have enrolled, or (b) completed 3 participation hours without missing more than 1 session. Thus, remember to cancel any experiments in advance or you may not be eligible to receive this bonus hour for perfect (or near perfect) attendance.

Spring 2016 Make-ups:

If you received an incomplete in the Spring of 2016, you must complete your 6 hour requirement in the FAll of 2016. Although the University provides 1 year to make up incompletes, WE DO NOT.  You have only 1 long semester (Spring or Fall) following your class participation to complete the experimental participation requirement.

Your username is your 8 digit Banner ID number without the @ (e.g., 01234567) and password are the same as they were the semester you enrolled.  If you have forgotten them, use the "lost password" feature to have the system send them to whatever email account you have on file with the system.  If you have an incomplete, REMEMBER TO CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR to have the IN removed when you are done.  Incompletes are not handled automatically by the system, thus requiring the student to contact their professor and provide information that the experimental requirement as been met. 

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